JL _ Disrupting Democracy

Disrupting Democracy – Me, the world and the new order

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Disrupting democracy is the title of a conference, in which these questions were debated; How can democratic actions reclaim their impact by using the digital space? Facing the confusion, speed and structure of monopolisation of single establishments and secret services possible at all? Are there other possiblities of society and community than a representative democracy?

The english term ‚disruption‘ stands in generall for a break in a destructive as well as constructive meaning. First there is something being interrupted. A process is being disturbed by an internal or external happening. Simultaenously disruption means the rehabilitation of the old and therefore the rejuvenation and restart of something. The latter way of version of interpretation is present since some years in the world of business. In this sense establishments and markets get interrupted by changing their everyday business to find out about new, more productive and effective products, methods of operation, and innovation. The flip side of this disruption-fetishism are the overflowing power of establishments in governmental responsiblities. In the digital world that is controlled by secret services, democratic influence is seemingly harder then ever before.

To show the ambivalence between the scepticism about the maybe obsolete structure of our democracy and its renewal, the set is a destroyed round table. The space is a ruin of a digital modelled table, the tabletops are broken in prisms. Heap of rubbles are on the floor, slim table-legs out of aluminium are part of it. These piles evoce associations of chaos, that break with the orderly medial well known conference-tables. They can stand for a reflection on the disrupted democracy by establishments and markets.

On the other side this destroyed table can stand for a deconstruction in a way of strategic thinking for subversively planning new environments and structures. For example is a part of the destroying the decentralisation of the space, the audience also sits next to the conference-table not only the speakers.


19.08.2017, Internationales Sommerfestival 2017, Kampnagel