JL _ Bare Bodies

Bare Bodies – Bodies and States of exception

Bühnenraum und Kostüm


15.-18.03.2017, Kampnagel

Erste Proben mit Showing am 14.12 auf Kampnagel ‚Probebühne 1 extended‘

01.01.- 18.03.2017 weitere Proben und Aufführungen


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In this experimental dance-piece the body itself is supposed to be put in a virtual state of exception. Thrown back to its bare naked life (bio-politics, Georgio Agamben) the body becomes a medium of political interests and an object of strategic generating of affect. The piece deals with precarious situations of bodies and the potential of resisting which leads to a science fiction and oriented choreography.

The space is immersive, the audience is walking through the space and becomes an accomplice to the dancers. The central part of the stage is inspired by the idea of a lab in which the body as a cable-connected medium is being examined, controlled and manipulated. The tents are temporary spaces of research, of surveillance – the audience passes these tents when entering the performance. It stays there for a while until someone dares to step out of the tent or until one of the dancers that is sitting in the tent follows its cable to the space outside.




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