JL _ D13 51R3N3N

 D13 51R3N3N

Bühnenraum, Video-Projektion


06.-08.01.2017 Studien-Projekt 2, Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg

Regie Felix Maria Zeppenfeldt

Mit Sebastian Doppelbauer, Nikolai Gemel, Anthonia Jungwirth, Lila-Zoé Krauß, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Rabea Schubert





































































































D13 51R3N3N [the sirens] is a piece based on Homers Ilias. In a postmodern setting with spanned nets, a platform with a sunbed and a videoprojection the piece is being played in its reinterpreted fragments. Contemporary histories, dances, songs and other myths get recontextualised and alienated.
The platform with its sunbed is not a site of sunbathing only but serves as a cliff for the sirens to linger. The screen for the videoprojection communicates with the sirens, in one scene it becomes interactive. One of the sirens touches the screens and chooses another picture to be shown. Furthermore the fishernets in the space are tools for enticement and trapping the sirens victims. Simultaneously the nets symbolise the virtual digital space, similar to a virtual grid. The nets surround the stage, they remind of save alls, cyber and sea spaces, phantasy sceneries. They are borders and membranes at once.