JL _ I know it when I see it

I know it when I see it – a contemporary musical reaction to porn

Bühnenraum und Video-Projektion


11.-14.08.2016 Internationales Sommerfestival 2016 auf Kampnagel

15.04.-27.05.2016 Erste Proben während einer Residency im Fleetstreet-Theater Hamburg, Showing am 26.05 ‚a fake party‘

20.07.-14.08.2016 weitere Proben auf Kampnagel, Aufführungen


Regie und Entwicklung: Jason Danino Holt

Idee, Musikalisches Konzept: Thies Mynther














































































































This piece is based on a contemporary discussion about pornography what refers more generally to the internet, its structures, places, consumption, ways of communication and action.

The piece starts with music and during a first phase of waiting the audience is outside the building while the performers do slow posing movements. After this part the audience is lead in and enters a waitingroom with rows of alumium folding chairs. A simple water dispenser out of plastic and several artificial plants complent this image of a replaceable modern non-space. In this space the performers talk openly about secret phantasies and happenings without making sure if it is truely personal or ficitional.

The third space is the main place for the performance. It is a collage-like performance is among other topics a musical renarration of the devil in Miss Jones, an american porno-movie from the 70s. There is artifical grass outlayed on the tribunes for the audience to sit on. In a pornographic context the artificiality of the grass can symbolise the medial mediated, trimmed and normed porno-images and –movies. The main part of the stage is a 9 x 8,5 m floor out of PVC, on which are prints of diverse naked bodies on top, beneath, next to each other merged to one layer. It seems as if the performers dip into this floor, getting lost in a digital flood of pictures and overstimulation that can cause a delirium and liberating outbreak at once.